We are two brothers, Owen and Tim Mitchell, who started a family business based on our love of wine.

Our simple philosophy: Follow your Passion… ours are Love, Travel, Food, and of course Wine.

Wine is all about pairings….and so is business.  No one knows you quite like your brother. A dynamic pairing, Owen brings a decade of wine and spirits sales experience to Plaid Cap Imports, while Tim completes the vision with over 18 years of corporate sales and financial experience.

As an independent agency we select beautiful wines and spirits from unique vineyards and distilleries. We are committed to supporting and bringing quality products to market, and exceeding customer care expectations.  For us, it is personal and we bring that personal time and attention to each and every client.

We represent wines and spirits we believe in, and the people and characters behind them.

It’s about Service.
It’s about Value.
It’s about Passion.

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